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Deanna Rastvorov is a New Yorker and proud parent of two Brussels Griffons named Angus and Paco, they are the inspiration for this a blog.

Fashion , art, history and pop culture.

Griffoniacs of the world unite.


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Little bear Digby, not really a costume more like leasure wear but too cute not to include.


“if I’m a little baby bear can you at least get me some porridge? I’m starving over here!” (Taken with Instagram)

Sir Digglesworth


Sir Digglesworth the brave, at your service. (Taken with Instagram)

Afrocentric Digby.


Digby has a public service announcement so listen up! It’s “y’all need to hide yo kids, hide you wives, an hide yo husbands ‘cause there’s not enough bacon out here.” (Taken with Instagram)

We need to show everybody the full body shot of Digby in his Super D costume!!


When you’re truly awesome like Digby you know it’s actually a curse. You live everyday trying to rid yourself of the burden sorry Digs - not happening ☺ (Taken with Instagram)

We will stick with the costume these for a while and feature one of the greatest chameleons of all time, Digby, Digby loves to get dressed up.

We are wondering if Super Digby is aware that there is a porkapocalypse predicted for the US  next year due to the draughts the USA experienced this year?

Perhaps all is good down in New Zealand where Digby lives. In any case we know that Digby will always know where to find bacon!


The day was saved and the bacon was nommed. All in a day’s work for super D. (Taken with Instagram)

Here is the original picture of the notorious D-I-G!! We have posted in the past, but it is too good not to post again!!


He may not be the first Gangster Griff, but he is the notorious D-I-G and that’s good enough for me.

Amen Digby!


Fashion is what you buy - but style is what you do with it. (Taken with Instagram)

Here is our favorite New Zealand resident Digby right after he got a haircut.


Handsome man got a handsome haircut! (Taken with Instagram)

That Digby really is too much; I don’t see how any one could ever deny him bacon.


I think he wants it… (Taken with Instagram)


We were big fans of Digby’s prints but had no idea that there really was an actual Super Digby suit; he can save our bacon any day!


If there’s bacon that needs saving Super Digby will be there. (Taken with Instagram)

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