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My name is Deanna Rastvorov and I am the proud parent of two Griffons named Angus and Paco, they are the inspiration for this blog.


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Style Shot: Simone Harouche and her Brussels

We got to hand it to Simone Harouche: not only did she single-handedly transform the Dirty Xtina to the “Back to Basics” pin-up, but she’s credited as the mastermind behind Nicole Richie’s signature style. After building a roster of clients from J. Lo to Miley Cyrus, Harouche created a collection of handbags using vintage textiles scavenged over the years. The result? Her eponymous line of handcrafted carryalls, shoulder bags and hobos, Simone Camille. Sourcing fabrics and embellishments from all around the world—India, Pakistan, Egypt, Morocco… trust us, this girl gets around!—Harouche’s handbags embody the bohemian charm of the ’60s with a quirky, Marrakesh twist. Simone Camille has since spawned a second line, “Skins,” combining luxe leathers with one-of-a-kind trinkets. Harouche was also recently tapped by Richie to come on board as a consultant for her line, Winter Kate Our shared love for Céline and CHANEL was an easy jumping off point for our newfound friendship as were her extensive set of silk kimonos. Her trove of vintage treasures rivals some of the best we’ve ever seen… what can we say? Girl’s got good taste.

Blaine Danzig, our favorite LA Griffon rocking that gi!


This is Blaine Danzig wearing his Taekwondo gi. Most people do not know that Blaine is well-versed in the art of Taekwondo. Don’t let his cuteness deceive you. This black belt will not hesitate in kicking you, especially if you call him a Puggle!

Here is another Bumble Griff.


This is Billy, dressed up as the ever-popular bee. Billy is a 10 year-old smooth coat Brussels Griffon who lives in Cerritos, California. Billy only understands Korean commands because his owners only speak to him in Korean. If you say “sit,” he will give you a blank stare. This photo was taken when Billy was 2 years old.

Everybody meet Gizmo, he is the brand ambassador for Bed Stu shoes and lives in Los Angeles. We met his mom last week at the Sole Commerce show in Javits.

Shoes & Griffs, what more can you ask for?

We know that Stevie will make lots of friends in LA, maybe she will go to the meetup on Sunday.

She will always be a NY Griff first! 


Feeling a little like the first day of school in the silver lake dog run (Taken with Instagram)

Stewart Little is very grand!!

I am sure he is going to the Brussels Meetup in Socal on Sunday.


Stewart Little

Our friends in Cali are having themselves a little kiki!

If any Griffs or Griff lovers are going to be in the LA area on Sunday they should go, I am sure it’s going to be a blast!

Cute poster and even cuter dogs, what is there not to love?


Happening this Sunday, September 23 at 1:00PM! Please pass the information along.

Stewie, Louie, Chewy, and Blaine with the girls. Faith Blaine Faith Chewbacca Stewie Chewbacca Blaine Stewie Louie with the boys.

Montage from first Los Angeles Griffon meet-up!

It looks as if it was a huge success!


LA Griffs 8/26/12 

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