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Deanna Rastvorov is a New Yorker and proud parent of two Brussels Griffons named Angus and Paco, they are the inspiration for this a blog.

Fashion , art, history and pop culture.

Griffoniacs of the world unite.


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Love my dog! She loves her vintage needlepoint pillows her mama bought her..a leopard and Siamese cats. #brusselsgriffon #cutepop #nyc #brooklyn


Brooklyn’s own Matilda with her parental units

Humans of New York is one of my favorite Tumblr blogs of all time, and has been a real inspiration to me in Oh so many ways.

DKNY should be ashamed of themselves!! I wish HONY the best of luck with this situation, as a fellow Tumblrer and New Yorker I am appalled at what DKNY has done. DKNY should have the NY revoked from their name.


I am a street photographer in New York City. Several months ago, I was approached by a representative of DKNY who asked to purchase 300 of my photos to hang in their store windows “around the world.” They offered me $15,000. A friend in the industry told me that $50 per photo was not nearly enough to receive from a company with hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue. So I asked for more money. They said “no.”

Today, a fan sent me a photo from a DKNY store in Bangkok. The window is full of my photos. These photos were used without my knowledge, and without compensation.

I don’t want any money. But please REBLOG this post if you think that DKNY should donate $100,000 on my behalf to the YMCA in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. That donation would sure help a lot of deserving kids go to summer camp. I’ll let you guys know if it happens.

Frankie Brussels Griffon in missing, last seen in Brooklyn.

Our hearts go out to Frankie’s family, we are all praying that Frankie is found safe and is able to return home to his family in Brooklyn.

Poor little guy reminds me of my Paco.

All you Griffoniacs out there, let’s get the word out and bring Frankie home!!!

Return of the Super Snowbeard,  Max in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.


Return of Super Snowbeard!

Max checking out the snow action- Prospect Park, Brooklyn.


It’s like off leash hours for kids!

Snow Monkey seen in Brooklyn- AKA Matilda Griffon

#nemo #snow #snowmonkey #brussels11211 #brusselsgriffon #brusselsgriffon11211 #everydayimbrusselin #everydayimbrusseling @jim_socks - @msmatildap- #webstagram

Brooklyn’s own Snowbeard.

Nice coat Max!


Maxy snowbeard is back!

Harry enjoying the snow in Brooklyn.


A snow fell in Brooklyn!

Brooklyn’s finest Max the Brussels Griffon


Where in the world is Maxy?

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