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My name is Deanna Rastvorov and I am the proud parent of two Griffons named Angus and Paco, they are the inspiration for this blog.


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Alec Baldwin could not resist Mr Angus at Washington Square Small Dog run (by Deanna Rastvorov)

Stevie Nicks and Hanzo

Chillin, chillin, chillin at Tompkins Square  dog run,  East Village. 



A Griff in a sweater! Nothing better.

We could not agree more!


A Griff in a sweater! Nothing better.

Angus is the Pigeon Hunter.

Made is USA pool, cool!

Dog Run- Battery Park City

Freedom Tower in the background.

Beautiful morning for a poop.

Angus got so mad at me for taking his picture, he turned!

I am sorry, I just think it’s so cute how  he rolls himself up when he goes to make a poop. 

Angus don’t worry, everybody poops!

Paco and Alister at small dog run in Washington Square.

We have not updated since the storm, sorry everybody! We have lot’s to catch up on. 

The day before Sandy we ran into Paco’s little buddy Alister at Washington Square dog run. Alister just loves Paco, but Paco likes to play it cool with him.

We were discussing weather or not we were going to be able to go to the Meet up on Sunday. In the end, we were unable to go to the meet up because we did the responsible thing and needed to prepare for the storm.

We will definitely make the next meet up!

Sunday is Washington Square’s Halloween Dog Run Party & we are super excited to be a part of it. It will be much more cozy than the Tompkins Halloween Dog parade last Saturday. 

We have helped out with this event and are excited to show off the costume we have been working on for Angus and Paco, however we are super bummed out that it is going to take place on the same day as the Halloween Brussels Griffon meetup at Animal Haven in Soho.

I would try to do both, but unfortunately I committed to helping MC the event and I just don’t think I can swing it.

The Meetup takes place from 11 to 1pm and the Washington Square Halloween dog party starts at 12, judging begins at 1 and the event does though 2pm. Griffs can go to meetup at 11 and then head to Washington Square. I hope too see Griffs on Sunday, and pray that Griffs will come to Washington Square after the meetup!!

I only wish we could be in two places at once! 

We did not get to personally see Hanzo yesterday but want to congratulate him on his 9th place win!

He is top 10 and makes all Griffons proud!!

Check out lovely pics of Hanzo & friends in dailymail UK piece!

Hurray for Hanzo!


Awesome, we made the dailymail in the UK!!!

Angus meets his Spider Queen!

Paco sniffs out a toy dog at the Washington Square dog run contest.

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