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Deanna Rastvorov is a New Yorker and proud parent of two Brussels Griffons named Angus and Paco, they are the inspiration for this a blog.

Fashion , art, history and pop culture.

Griffoniacs of the world unite.


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OMG, OMG, OMG!!!!!!

We have never fancied ourselves huge fans of country music but this “Brussels Griffon Song” is the BOMB!!!!!!!!

Thanks sooooooo much to socalbrusselsgriffons for finding it and sharing it with the tumblrsphere, it truly made our day!!! 


If you like Brussels Griffons and are a fan of country music, then you will love the “Brussels Griffon Song” from Musical Tails.

Serendipitous Sitar concert by John Kruth this morning at Silver Towers during our Morning walk.

John is an incredible musician and one cool dude!!!!!!!!

Check out the small statue of Sarasvati next to Angus & John, she is the Hindu goddess of poetry and music! We love learning new things.

To learn more about John check out his website

You can also read all about him on Wikipedia

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