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My name is Deanna Rastvorov and I am the proud parent of two Griffons named Angus and Paco, they are the inspiration for this blog.


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NYC Brussels Griffon Meet ip on Sunday sets new record!!

This party was JUMPING!

I was so overwhelmed by the sheer number of monkeys at Animal Haven that I took very few pictures.

There were over 100 Griffons at the meet up and they raised a lot of money for our friends at Animal Haven. 

Griffon POWER!!!!

In hindsight I wish we would have gotten it together a little bit and taken a group shot like SOCAL and Japan always do. We New Yorkers are too cool for our own good, I think next meet up we are going to have to orchestrate ourselves a little photo shoot. 

Angus afternoon walk on La Guardia place.

Where are the pigeons? Angus fancies himself a pigeon hunter.

One of the best parts of this picture is the shadow of the pigeon flying overhead, I was very happy that I was able to capture that moment in time.

Paco is an anarchist.

He does not care for the man’s rules!

Keep dogs off grass!

Angus does not think of himself as a dog, therefore does not think that he is doing anything wrong.

NYC Brussels Griffon Fashion Focus


#187 Sharon Zhou and Yuta Tanahashi on Wooster St.

Cool Asians with cute puppy.
They are working at New York based young brand named “Siki Im”.
I visited their show twice in Fashion Week, and I felt they are the one of the coolest labels in NY, so I told that to them.
Then they said “We think so too, that’s why we are working there.”
How cool words it is.
Only people who are proud of their work can say like that.

NYベースの若手ブランド、Siki Imで働く二人。

name : Sharon Zhou (left)
occupaiton : Siki Im

coat : Jil Sander
shirt : Vintage
boots : Costume National

name : Yuta Tanahashi
occupation : Siki Im

jacket : Kai-aakmann
long shirt : Siki Im
pants : Odyn Vovk
shoes : Damir Doma

Fashion Night Out got WAY better once Mr Angus found some ladies outside of Marni on Mercer street to give him a rub down.

Paco was just chilling off to the side taking it all in.

Fashion Night out in the Hood.

Angus was just not getting why all these people were in his way as he was trying to take in his leisurely dusk stroll in Soho.



Shelly and Hip Hop the Brussels Griffons at Soho Park on Prince and Lafayette.

Last week we ran into Elvis & Gizmo during our morning walk on our way to the park; Angus was so happy he SCREAMED!!

Angus & Paco with Mark McGrath of the band Sugar Ray shopping in Soho.

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