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My name is Deanna Rastvorov and I am the proud parent of two Griffons named Angus and Paco, they are the inspiration for this blog.


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NYC Fashion Griffon Mickey does Reindeer.

For all the new readers, Mickey’s dad is designer Victor Luna, season 9 finalist of Project Runway. Victor is now shooting All Stars Season 2 of Project Runway.

Christmas is sooooo long! Are we there yet? #brusselsgriffon - @mickey_luna- #webstagram

New York city celebrity Griffon Mickey posing with pumpkin trio.

Mickey helped his dad pick out this tastefully curated selection of pumpkins.

For all of you that don’t know Mickey, he is owned by Victor Luna Season 9 finalist of Project Runway and one of our twitter griffon friends!

Mickey shopping at Uniqlo in Soho via Twitter / Recent images by @ViktorLuna.

This was the picture that I first saw on Twitter & got me hooked on Mickey & Victor.

I can almost hear Bowie singing Fashion in the background!

Mickey shopping at Mood Fabrics.

Mood is a NYC institution, everyone who works in fashion has been there at one point or another. Walking into Mood is like walking into a temple of fabulous fabrics.

NYC, fashion, Mood & Griffs; what is there not to love!

We will stick with fashion night out theme…………….

Everybody meet Victor Luna and Mickey making their rounds on fashion night out.

We found Victor & Mickey through twitter @ViktorLuna a while back and were waiting for the right moment to feature them on NYC Brussels Griffon. 

Victor Luna was a finalist on Project Runway season 9, lives in NY and is a very talented designer. Mickey is his muse and constant companion.

Check out Victor’s work:

Also we are just learning about this whole twitter thang and if you want to play with us on twitter you can find us 


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